Vegas Peach (book 6) -Coming Soon-

November 28, 2015 By Peter Hughes

After suffering a non-life threatening, but nevertheless traumatic head injury, a period of Candy’s memory is missing, the period that includes her relationship with Austin teen Steven Paul.

Steven Paul’s devastated, the love of his life only remembers him as a young rebel and menace in the neighborhood. Reluctantly, he leaves Candy in Miami in the care of Jane, the sister Candy’s never had, to rest and hopefully recover her memory, and departs for Georgia to a planned visit with his dad.

The Calls to Jane become increasingly disturbing. Candy’s purchased a pistol and disappeared-the only clue-Jane’s learned that Candy’s boarded a non-stop flight to Las Vegas and to the place that has meant nothing but bad news for Candy. So much for Steven Paul’s own much needed rest and recuperation.


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