Wayward (book 3)

October 12, 2015 By admin2

It’s the summer of ’76 and a nice Cuban family living in exile in Austin, Texas is thrilled when their teenage duaghetr is befriended by another teenage Cuban girl. It’s a happy time for all until their once-lovely daughter turns moody, distant, disturbed, and finally disappears. Their one and only clue an impound notice for her abandoned car. Distraught, the family turns to their churchgoing friend, Detective Williams, an Austin PD investigator. Bad news is, their daughter is of age and so there is little he can do officially. Yet, he thinks he can help by introducing them to a resourceful West Austin teen he’s recently befriended. With introductions made, everyone hopes that the wayward teenager will simply be found and convinced to return home. This hope fades as Steven Paul’s seemingly simple quest turns deadly.

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