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It’s the summer of ’76, and Steven Paul is days shy of his seventeenth birthday, when he hooks up with his oddball friends for a day in their local West Austin, Tarrytown park. The plan is simple – the consumption of cold beer, cheap weed, and a large Conan’s pizza.

All’s well in the exclusive park when a seemingly frail bull terrier catches the boys’ attention. This dog is an oddity, for stray dogs do not exist in this part of town. High and their curiosity piqued by this abnormality, the boys feel compelled to investigate.

The timid and skittish dog leads Steven Paul into a ransacked house next to the park and onto a crime scene that sets into motion a string of events with far-reaching consequences.

It’s survival of the fittest.

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A Texas oil tycoon’s daughter is held hostage in a villa outside Rio de Janeiro, and both the US and Brazilian governments are unable or unwilling to do anything to help.

A black Austin City detective named Williams may have an unorthodox solution. Through his investigation of unrelated crimes in the exclusive West Austin Tarrytown neighborhood he has come to know and respect a young scofflaw named Steven Paul. He believes this young man and his motley crew may be the answer to the prayers of his fellow church-going friend, the girl’s father, and he decides to make the introduction.

Only two thousand miles and a strongman separate Steven Paul and his crew of youngsters from success in their mission.











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It’s the summer of ’76 and a nice Cuban family living in exile in Austin, Texas is thrilled when their teenage daughter is befriended by another teenage Cuban girl. It’s a happy time for all until their once-lovely daughter turns moody, distant, disturbed, and finally disappears. Their one and only clue an impound notice for her abandoned car. Distraught, the family turns to their churchgoing friend, Detective Williams, an Austin PD investigator. Bad news is, their daughter is of age and so there is little he can do officially. Yet, he thinks he can help by introducing them to a resourceful West Austin teen he’s recently befriended. With introductions made, everyone hopes that the wayward teenager will simply be found and convinced to return home. This hope fades as Steven Paul’s seemingly simple quest turns deadly.

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The summer of ’76 continues. Battered and bruised, Steven Paul seeks only relaxation when he makes a promise, in jest, to the beautiful West Austin woman he’s infatuated with–a promise in which if certain events were to occur, he’d join forces with the lovely, headstrong woman in her desire to bring about change in the nefarious international business of dealing in poached animal parts. In making the promise, Steven Paul is secure in the knowledge he has a better chance of being struck by lightning. but then lightning strikes. Steven Paul, the young woman, and his crew are off on an inane mission to make a difference. The mission leads them to Central America and they soon learn that poaching is indeed a deadly business.

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Candy, the current headstrong love of Austin Texas teen Steven Paul, is determined to make a difference when she signs up for a 30-day stint aboard the Greenpeace ship, The Manatee. Her goal, to help bring to the world’s attention, the cruel business of shark fin harvesting. Candy promises to call from every port of call.

A call does come, but not from Candy, but from a local Austin news woman, Stacey Keys, and the news is devastating-Candy’s been plucked from the ship by unknown kidnappers leaving Steven Paul no choice-he has to gather his crew and find and rescue Candy based upon the barest of clues. Steven Paul and crew set off in what turns out to be an odyssey rife with peril.

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Vegas Peach

After suffering a non-life threatening, but nevertheless, traumatic head injury, a period of Candy’s memory is missing; the period that includes her relationship with Austin teen Steven Paul.

Steven Paul’s devastated. The love of his life only remembers him as a young rebel and menace in the neighborhood. Reluctantly, he leaves Candy in Miami in the care of Jane, the sister Candy’s never had, to rest and hopefully recover her memory. He then departs for Georgia to a planned visit with his dad.

The calls to Jane become increasingly disturbing. Candy’s purchased a pistol and disappeared–the only clue is that Candy’s boarded a non-stop flight to Las Vegas and to the place that has meant nothing but bad news for Candy. So much for Steven Paul’s own much needed rest and recuperation.

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The Girl in the Attic

Personable and handsome Eddie Winston’s life has been in a downward spiral ever since the love of his life, Holly Austin, vanished without a trace. But for the love of his dog, Bobo, Eddie would lack the will to live. Not a day goes by that he doesn’t blame himself for Holly’s disappearance.

Is there a chance for redemption? Is there a chance to find love again? Or is life only setting him up for history to repeat itself?

Then, the unthinkable happens; his past comes back to haunt the happy life he wants to live. Someone, somewhere in the city has a secret and it’s hidden in the attic.





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