Welcome to my website. As an aspiring author my website is ever evolving and I hope someday to make my site both interesting and resourceful for other aspiring authors out there. And of course, I hope my novels will find their niche and gain a following that will allow me to continue to write.

As my bio indicates, I’m currently an inmate at the Texas Polunsky Unit, home of Texas Death Row. For the record, however, I’m not on Death Row, and not here for a crime of moral turpitude, but I’m here as a result of too many beers over too many years, some small-town politics, and a questionable police chase.

As one might imagine, being an aspiring author in a prison environment presents its own unique challenges, including limiting me to a typewriter without memory, and often having to write under hostile and tense conditions. Thankfully, to counter that, I’m blessed to have loving and supportive family and friends.

“Write what you know” the how-to books teach. Hmm, okay, that gave me some pause. I know myself and my talent for getting into trouble. Nothing to write home about, but perhaps a trove of experiences to draw upon resulting in some entertaining reading?

Now my thoughts often take me back in time and that is where I’d like to invite you readers to tag along. Go back in time with me to the year 1976, back to the big city of Austin and its wealthy section of town, Tarrytown. Back to a time when everything was possible, when my friends and I teemed with optimism and mortality was not on our radar. I believe you’ll enjoy our antics, our adventures; perhaps enough to make you laugh make you smile, keep you in suspense, and make you to share some excitement with us, safely, vicariously.

Writing my first novel was the harest endeavor I have ever undertaken. There was no path of least resistance, only obsticles to overcome. Now the ball’s in your court. Take a chance and read <a hrdf = “thenovels.html>Hindsight</a> the first in the Steven Paul Series. I believe you’ll find my characters and me colorful characters. Happy reading, Steven Paul Wilson








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